Milton Jang

Word Infographic

This week I made an infographic about myself. My initial idea was to have my name in the middle and have words sprout out like tangled roots to represent the idea that all these things are part of and attached to me. I decided to go with a simplistic typographic infographic mixed with black and white icons over the typical colorful infographics with lots of vector graphics because this was more… me.

Some of the text is hard to read because of how small I made it, so I’ll explain here. In the top right is a list of the social media that I use; the paragraphs in the light gray text are two quotes I find inspiring; right next to the ‘Nature’ heading is the list of books I’ve read so far in 2020; and finally, the words in the top left are song names and artists I’ve discovered this year organized to look like a sound wave.