Milton Jang


As a writer, the words I write, the stories that I craft, and all the emotion and expression that comes out as a result, becomes definitive of my personality. The word is all there is. I can’t explain it to you any more than what it is, and because of that, writing is not an extension of me. Writing—the sentences, paragraphs, thoughts, and ideas—is the textual embodiment of my personality, who I am, and what I stand for.

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How to Find Peace in the Chaos of Negativity

Imagine if you lost everything you have, and then got it all back again. Nothing will have changed and yet everything will have changed. …

Featured Piece

The Only Person You Need to Marry

You don’t have to be anyone, do anything, or prove yourself to anyone, because you are perfect just the way you are. You are perfect because you are imperfect. …

Featured Piece

"Un-procrastination:" The Simple Art of Getting Stuff Done

This simple, yet revolutionary productivity tip has helped me more times than I had anticipated. In fact, I started writing this post by setting a 20-minute timer. …

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Everything I Wish I Told You


"Milton has an amazing ability to caption thoughts, ideas, and emotions into streams of thoughts that are relatable and heartfelt. Through humor, creativity, passion, and imagination, I always feel wiser from reading his work. Highly recommended to follow Milton for those who are interested in personal growth & development."
Jayson Hurstinen
Co-President of SFU LYFE