Milton Jang

Blog Review:

This week I will be reviewing which is a blog ran by Lisa, a black student, and her tagline on her homepage is: “The Life, the times , the thoughts , the poems and the assignments of Lisa a black student.”

As it stands, the site isn’t very marketable to its intended audience. When I first visited the homepage, the first couple of things I noticed were: the generic ‘your logo’ icon in the top left, the fairly low resolution stretched image (which also has a watermark), and the grammatical errors under the main heading. Some suggestions I have is to remove the logo as it currently only stands as a distraction, find a similar-looking high-resolution image off of a site like Unsplash, and tidy up the grammar in the site’s tagline.

My comments on the About page are similar to what I just mentioned. The site would benefit from fixing up the grammatical errors (there should be no spaces before a comma) as well as adding a bit more description to the page. Right now, there are only two sentences on the About page describing who Lisa is, so adding more information about herself would help out her audience greatly to get to know her more.

Moving onto her Blog/Poems page, I do appreciate the sidebar she has going. There is an ‘About This Site’ section which gives a bit of extra detail about what the site is about and a ‘Find Us’ section which includes an image of Lisa and where people can contact her. She does, however, include her e-mail and Instagram information as plain text. While it gets the job done, I would suggest trying to find an Instagram widget that embeds an Instagram feed onto the site so that people wouldn’t have to copy and paste a username into Instagram on another tab.

At the time of this writing, there is only one blog post which is a poem. When I check out the course work page, I see there are plenty more process posts for this course. I would recommend Lisa to continue to post more poems to fill up the page more and so that people have more content to read.

Gary Vaynerchuk states in a video that the process of marketing yourself especially for more personal sites like Lisa’s involves building up your personal brand. There is potential for the site to garner an audience, but there needs to be more focus on fixing small details like grammar, adding more information to the home and about pages, and adding more blog posts.